Kinds of Speeches

There’s not just one kind of speech – remember that.

The next time you ever get asked to give a speech, always remember to ask: “what kind?” This is because in reality, even if they’re all called speeches, there is not just one kind of speech. There a lot of different speeches to match different occasions of human life and different purposes of gatherings. Before you buy your outfit from online shops like Lazada and Zalora, use a promo code to get more savings; before worrying about special discounts  for your planned outfit, first work out what kind the speech really is supposed to be. Here are a few of them and their distinctions so that you won’t be lost the next time around.


The Different Speeches

toastmasters informativeThe first kind of speech is the Informative speech. You might want to imagine sitting in the audience of a large lecture hall listening a resource speaker talk about quantum mechanics. What might come across as a combination of jargon and nonsense to some people is actually what is called an informative speech. This kind of speech is delivered mostly to convey information to the audience about something they don’t already know.

The second kind of speech is the persuasive speech. You can imagine a salesman giving his most convincing sales pitch. This is how a persuasive speech can sound – there is a particular idea or product that’s being promoted, and the goal is to convince others to think the same, or to buy the product. Persuasive speeches take a lot of guts, particularly because you are hard-pressed to think the way others do so you can say things that they want to hear, making it easier for you to achieve your goal.

toastmasters debateThe third kind of speech is the argumentative speech. This is what usually happens in formal debates. There is a position being argued for, and the goal of every speech is to clarify the position being defended. The major requirement for an argumentative speech is that it must be backed by solid and strong evidence in order for the argument to stand. Otherwise, if the the evidence is weak or merely circumstantial, then the speech doesn’t count for much except as rhetoric.

Of course, there are other types of speeches. This list is not exhaustive, but still, it is good to know the differences at least between and among these three speeches. Learn more about different kinds of speeches by buying eBook tutorials online using a go buy direct code for discounts and special offers.

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